What you need

All you need is good internet connectivity such as Fibre, LTE, 3G, 4G or fast DSL (with a speed of at least 4Mbps) plus a smartphone and you’re good to go! Our free test is especially advisable if you’re unsure regarding the quality of your internet connection or your wifi. The required internet connectivity may be fixed (i.e. Fibre) or mobile (LTE, 3G, 4G etc). You can make EUROTEL calls via your smartphone (at home over your wifi environment or on the move via 3G/4G/LTE), via your existing home phone or from a VoIP phone. Far cheaper than with your conventional fixed or mobile provider!

Free test to get started

Easy as 1-2-3 to turn your smartphone into a testing device or even your new home & allround phone! Make use of our service in wifi environments or via your cellular data connections:

  1. Submit your details. No contracts, no risk, monthly cancellations.
  2. Load the 'Zoiper' app as your user interface on your smartphone. All your contacts will show up instantly! (See also FAQ’s regarding suitable apps.)
  3. We'll send you your user credentials and you're all set to use your free starter credit. Call your friends or family for 30 minutes within South Africa or to the main overseas destinations without paying a cent!

Too good to be true? Not quite - just great EUROTEL service and a new era in telecommunications.

This is how simple, cheap and user-friendly modern telephony should be! Low call rates, massive savings on monthly line rental charges, possible use from multiple devices and from anywhere, maximum flexibility, reliable billing, free 'live' call records and so much more ...
Today's telecommunication, brought to you by EUROTEL!

The next step - telephone number and possible phone devices

You can transfer your current landline number to us (except with DSL internet connections), or you can order a new local number from us. Either way you’ll be able to use your phone number anywhere in South Africa with suitable internet access, without your call partner even knowing your whereabouts.

You can use either of the following devices (same call charges for all options):

  • Simply continue using your smartphone for all calls: No problem at all wherever you have good internet connectivity, be it through a suitable wifi environment, Fibre, DSL, LTE, 3G / 4G etc. All calls from a single appliance - maximum convenience, maximum flexibility, maximum savings!
  • Continue using your old home phone: This may be advisable if speed dials are stored in your current phone, or if you have a weakish wifi signal. The cabled connection to your router will prevent possible quality-loss due to compromised wifi environments. Simply order your adapter from us and connect your current phone via the adapter to your router. High usage clients receive their adapters at a reduced rate or even free of charge, enquire with us regarding the details.
  • Use a VoIP phone: You have the possibility of purchasing a VoIP phone. This will not offer better quality than the previous option, but VoIP phones do have some unique features that may be interesting for users.

Our telephone service at a glance

  • Independent of your internet supplier, meaning you can continue using the service after a possible change in your ISP. You’ll always keep your line number and have access to our cheap rates and specialist modern-day telecommunication services.
  • Keep your current telephone number or order a new one from us.
  • Say goodbye to your old landline, high call charges & monthly line rental costs as well as poor customer service. Today’s telecommunication is cost-efficient, modern and with top-of-the-range service attitude!
  • Make calls anywhere you have decent internet or cellphone reception!
  • Smartphone convergence – make all calls at reduced rates via 1 appliance and 1 specialised telephony provider!
  • Massive savings on local and international calls, see an overview here. EUROTEL to EUROTEL calls are free of charge.
  • No misleading call packages – pay for the calls you make!
  • Call first, pay later. No pre-payments, no binding packages, no credit card requirements.
  • Every new client starts out with a credit and a free trial period.
  • No contracts, no risk, monthly cancellation.
  • Automatic monthly invoices by email, 'live' viewing of call data records via free client interface.
  • Optional use from multiple devices - see also our FAQ's.