Client Services during the national lockdown from 26 March 2020: Kindly send an email to or fill in our support form here We will get back to you as soon as possible. Only in case of emergencies you will be able to reach us telephonically on 082 827 3142. Note that we may not be able to set up new internet connections during the time of the lockdown owing to delivery restrictions with couriers and network providers.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you safety and health in these difficult times!
Premium Internet and Telephone Services

South Africa's Provider of Premium Internet & Telephone Services

Whether you need fast and reliable internet access (Fibre, Wireless or DSL), or whether you’re looking for a modern-day telephone service to save on calls and line rental charges, or very possibly both – we have you covered! Paired with the personal touch and dedication you deserve, we’ll take care of all your communication requirements.

Eurotel Internet

Throughout South Africa: Fibre, Wireless, DSL, Hosting

EUROTEL provides world-class internet services via the most reliable networks in South Africa. We’re currently reaching connection speeds locally that can easily be compared to standards in Europe. Streaming services such as YouTube or Netflix, social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, online banking, news, gaming, etc ... The fast internet with all its advantages is here, and we’ll make sure your internet connection is what you expect: fast, affordable and reliable. Paired with our German technical and servicing standards, you’ll be assured of an all-inclusive internet experience anywhere in South Africa!

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Eurotel Telephony

Save up to 50% on local and international calls & cancel your existing landline

More than 15 years ago, EUROTEL was started as one of the first alternative calling services in South Africa. Our offering and the relevant telecoms technology has evolved a lot since then, and these days our telecommunication services utilise the internet as the basis for carrying your telephone calls (Voice over IP). Fibre, LTE, 3G & 4G, fast DSL and similar internet connections are fast becoming commonplace in South Africa these days, and we’re here to offer the telephone service to go with it. Saving you time & money and offering you maximum flexibility. Time to say goodbye to outdated landlines!

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Deukom Television

DEUKOM TV in South Africa

For more than 20 years South African households have been able to receive German Television through innovative satellite technology – all in world-class digital quality. DEUKOM Television comprises a large variety of Television and Radio channels suited for everyone in South Africa with an interest in German-based digital news and entertainment.

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