Experience Fast, Affordable, and Reliable Internet with Eurotel


From R 569/month
(Line & Data)
  • Maximum speed & reliability
  • Fixed service via fibre networks
  • Cancel your old landline
  • No contracts, no risk


From R 209/month
(Wireless & Data)
  • Maximum flexibility
  • No fixed line, immediate service
  • Stays with you when you move
  • No contracts, no risk

FAST: We provide the highest-quality services via the most reliable networks in South Africa and bring world-class internet services to your doorstep. We’re currently reaching connection speeds locally that can easily be compared to standards in Europe. Streaming services such as YouTube or Netflix, social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, online banking, news, gaming, etc ... The fast Internet with all its advantages is here, and we’ll make sure your internet connection is what you expect: fast, affordable and reliable. Paired with our German technical and servicing standards, you’ll be assured of an all-inclusive internet experience anywhere in South Africa!

AFFORDABLE: While quality is high up on our priority list, we’re aware that our prices need to compare favourably with conventional and competing providers, which is what we’ve achieved with much grit and determination. Make the comparison, you won’t be disappointed!

RELIABLE: Besides the reliability of our products, we focus extensively on the reliability in terms of personal service. We hate dropped calls, long queues and especially lacking or lackluster advice. EUROTEL calls are answered speedily and without exceptions, our callcentre is highly trained and motivated and in constant contact with a technical specialist, ensuring dedicated advice that leaves no matter unattended. Also, a technical expert will gladly come by should you need assistance at your home!

Why choose EUROTEL as your internet service provider?

  • We offer innovative and proven internet & telecommunication solutions throughout South Africa.
  • Confusion ends here! We offer selected products at very reasonable prices.
  • No queues or lack of accessibility! Speak to one of our qualified staff members and receive immediate attention.
  • Proven track record in terms of internet, telecommunication and television consumer services.
  • Quick and efficient installation, on-site technical support.
  • Let EUROTEL handle your line requirements, forget about worries of the past!
  • Contracts are a thing of the past, monthly cancellation possible. This keeps us attentive and service-driven!
  • Test selected products free of charge & avoid unpleasant surprises! Contact us for details.
  • 4 free email addresses – safe and secure Webmail, POP3 or IMAP with our free virus and spam filtering.
  • 'Email-4-Life' option, e.g. firstname@surname.co.za or yourname@yourbusinessname.co.za.

We're working hard to be your reliable and friendly communications partner in South Africa – let’s make it happen!