Firstly you’ll save considerably on your monthly rental charge. Also you’ll be saving considerably per call, be it to cellphones or to fixed lines, locally or internationally. And finally you’ll have maximum flexibility in terms of where and how you want to use your new service, what line number you choose, and whether you want your call partner to know your whereabouts or not. EUROTEL integrates all advantages of modern day telecommunication into one service, making it today’s telecommunication as you’d expect it!

Yes, that is definitely possible, but take note of the FAQ below in terms of DSL connections. Your existing phone is connected via an adapter to your Internet router, and off you go! Many clients appreciate this option in view of stored speed dials in the phone for instance and due to being emotionally attached to the old home phone. Check with us whether you qualify for a price reduction or even a free adapter for this option!

A cabled phone device such as the old home phone (via a cabled adpater) or a fixed VoIP phone has the advantage that weaknesses in the wifi signal at home become irrelevant. That having been said, if you have good Internet connectivity and a good wifi signal, you’ll be amazed at how crystall clear the voice quality is. Plus you’ll be able to enjoy maximum flexibility with your smartphone – use it anywhere you are, also via 3G/4G/LTE etc.


We recommend Zoiper, seeing that the download is super quick, the interface is extremely user friendly, and all your contacts will be loaded immediately. Also, your EUROTEL account is set up in no time. Simply register with EUROTEL, then download Zoiper in a minute, and finally enter the account details we send you. Easy as 1-2-3! Call friends or family anywhere in the world for up to 30 minutes free of charge to test your new service - no contract, no risk!

Take into consideration that your DSL supply is linked to your Telkom line. You will therefore not be able to move your line to EUROTEL. You’re welcome to use EUROTEL for outgoing calls, and you’re able to order a new and flexible phone number from EUROTEL should you want to receive calls to the new number.

Your smartphone will offer really good quality and maximum flexibility within suitable Internet coverage at home or on the go. Alternatively use your old home phone with stored numbers & speed dials via an adapter, and finally EUROTEL can also be used via VoIP phones, softphones or ipads for instance. That’s modern-day telecommunication!

Yes, this is no problem for outgoing calls. Should you require a telephone number for receiving calls (your old one or a new one assigned by EUROTEL), only the device that was registered last will receive the incoming call.

No. All calls to fixed lines in South Africa cost only R0.39/Minute, no matter where the call is made to.