How you save with the EUROTEL Telephone Service

  • Rental charges: Note that when using the service from your smartphone no rental fees apply, you only pay for the calls you make. You'll also receive calls to your cellphone as per usual. Quite a few clients want to keep their existing landline number, or they wish to order a new landline number from EUROTEL. The charge for such numbers is R49/month - either way a massive saving compared to traditional line rental charges of R200/month and more.
  • Call charges versus conventional & cellphone providers: Your savings on calls will amount to 30-50%, depending on where most of your calls go to.
  • You'll be able to review your call records 'live' in the client area, and you'll only be billed via a monthly statement end of every month. No pre-payments, no credit card requirements, no misleading call packages.

Call Rates for Main Destinations

Calls within South Africa Price per minute
EUROTEL to EUROTEL free of charge
Telkom Local / Telkom National R 0.39
Cell C / MTN / Telkom Mobile (8*ta) / Vodacom R 0.79
International calls from South Africa Price per minute
Australia R 0.84
Austria R 4.21
Belgium R 3.08
Canada R 0.18
France R 0.74
Germany R 6.37
Hungary R 2.40
Ireland R 3.01
Israel R 2.69
Italy R 0.59
Luxembourg R 5.95
Namibia R 3.08
Netherlands R 9.79
New Zealand R 0.51
Poland R 1.62
Portugal R 0.81
Spain R 1.46
Switzerland R 20.33
UK R 2.70
USA R 0.30
For rates to mobile phones or other destinations please use our Rate Checker or contact our callcenter
  • Valid from 01 January 2023
  • Rates valid 24h/day, 7 days/week
  • Rates include 15% VAT
  • Billing increment: 30/1
  • Any monthly charges are stipulated in the registration section.