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Welcome to the Internet solutions provided by EUROtel Internet. We have successfully established ourselves as a major provider of Internet solutions including Internet access (dialup and broadband), e-mail, virus scan, spam protection and technical support. Your internet access, provided by the most reliable and trusted platform in South Africa with connection points all over the country.

EUROtel Internet - A complete, cost-effective, reliable and customer-friendly service you’re not bound to experience with other Internet service providers!
1. Dialup Access (Standard and ISDN):
DO you only connect to the Internet occasionally? This service provides Internet access from R75/month.
2. ADSL and ADSL uncapped
If you connect to the Internet on a regular basis, this is be the solution for you. From R 47.50/month access charge (excl. Telkom) you can enjoy non-stop / high speed Internet access without ringing up high telephone bills.
3. Domain Registration and Hosting:
Creating your "own space" within the world wide web all starts with setting up your own domain. We will register and host your domain for you, arrange for personalised e-mail, host your website…..
4. Webdesign Services:
We offer Web Design solutions to customers throughout South Africa - anything from basic designs to advanced site developments requiring complex solutions….
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